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Seeing Rhythms

Music always inspires my art. Here's a few great songs I love for no other reason than that they are amazing earsex. Enjoy. C: Song selections will change every so often.

If you want to share any great song with me, or you just wanna talk music in general, please message! ;w;


SpicePrincess has started a donation pool!
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:iconpointsstamp1::iconpointsstamp2: :iconlapointsplz:

Just give what you can, if anything. I'm not asking for much... 2 or 3 points here and there, if you dare.
They all add up!

Give 100 and receive gift art sketch. Give 100+ and it'll be full color. Whatever you want! :3

If you decide to donate for art, PLEASE MESSAGE OR NOTE ME SAYING THAT
YOU HAVE DONATED. It's VERY VERY easy for me to miss

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uh by BaconMagicMini Schnauzer Love Stamp by cloudratAnti-generic-bishi-stamp by raygirl
Victorian Era by Alice-Kana-chanSweeney Todd joy face by GemmilyArtCussword free stamp by ShouYume
Sun Sign ARIES v2 by DarkCougar55SVenus Sign TAURUS v3 by DarkCougar55SRising Sign Virgo by DarkCougar55S
Moon Sign Pisces v4 by DarkCougar55SI Procrastinate - Stamp by SerenaVerdeArtNight Person Stamp by ClearBlueSkys
Vests Are Sexy :Stamp: by Circe-BakaHard to be clear-Stamp by DinoclawsI love Snow by mceric
Chubby Chaser Stamp by iAzra Steven Universe by stampsnstuff Steven x Connie Stamp by Mistywriter
ERMERGERD GERL YER GERTING FERT by BaconMagicCoyote Stamp by DroemarInspiration Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Empower Stamp 2.0 by Sorceress2000support dali stamp by uerisSex Is Bad Never Do It Mmmkay? by Its-An-Inferno
Snorlax Hug Stamp by MetalShadowOverlordI Heart Purple by webgoddessBig Guy Tiny Girl Stamp by Dragara
Frozen - Anna - Stamp by SharpAmethystFire Bender Stamp by NaryuBioshock Stamp by boneworks
I Support Love, Not Lust by savagebinnEl Tigre All Stamp by SuperMachoWarning: Aries by Nana-Beats
Critiques wanted by prosaixLove by Knight13131 by SirvanaRachana
Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevetteFriendly Deviant by Luna-AkariRecoloring Is Not Art -Stamp by AdventureIslands
Never... by prosaixSmooth Jazz Stamp by SoraJayhawk77Adam Young Stamp by ElyonTH
Love Vampires Hate Twilight by jocund-slumberoriganal art stamp by thundraforestCan't Sleep Without Music by AssClownFish
Singing by AnimeGal007Crazier than usual. by KittyGreenEyesCancelled TV Shows Stamp by dgLari
Steampunk Stamp by Seioraii support my bff's art by hiddenmemoryxi love the night by kailor
Welcome to Silent Hill Stamp by CruzleSpoilers stamp by OatzyMH - Twyla by EllisStampcollection
goth by erosagfxPort Blue stamp by SilverPup88Belle Fan Stamp by BratLittlePrincess
MM: Murdoch Mysteries Stamp by randomkiwibirdsstamp by ZenryuThe Addams Family Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Proud to be an FFA by BrownieBitsI 'heart' Victorian Era - stamp by TeaCrazy1837-Over The Garden Wall- .:Stamp:. by Rhylem
I'm an Animal Lover by impersonalinfoI know everything by postmortummFilipina by Fyi-Sus
I love trance by capitaljaycreationstamp by TFDs-stamps-r-usI want to make something by Pushok-12
Disney Freak Stamp 2 by andy-pantsVictorian Dress Stamp by Fish-is-FriendzStamp: TSFH Fan by Nawamane
f a l l e n . l e a v e s by JaM-FaiRYOptimism by Claire-stampsCurly is greater than straight by CurlyHairedDemon
Mental Illness Club Stamp by YukiMizunoRape Isn't Funny by alaska-is-a-huskyStamps- Owl City by Koshi-Doshi
GAC by phoenixtsukinoI Think Too Much by RavenGaleSpencerMusicals stamp by The-Fairywitch



Double Taaaaaaag!

Thu Jan 22, 2015, 8:01 AM

Rules 1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves. 2. Please answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 3. Choose up to 10 people and put their icons on your journal - not something like "you are tagged if you read this", you have to tag legitimately 10 people. 4. No tag backs, Please!

5 things about me::
- I am addicted to Lights and Owl City and constantly listen to them throughout  my week.
-- I cannot lie. I like big butts.
-- I love to make omelettes.
-- I love Venice eventhough I've never actually been there.
-- I would like to gain (a lot) of weight.

:iconcandy2021:'s questions!
1.) If you could suddenly poses another artists draiwng ablity (femaous or otherwise) who would it be and why?
Hmmmm...maybe :iconspirosart: or :icontracyjb: perhaps. Or Bob Ross. Both Spiro and Bob have an impecable talent for painting and I admire Spiro's impressionistic style. Tracyjb has one of the best talents for blending traditional mediums with digital effects. Not to mention her flawless style.

2.) If you could travel to one country and volunteer for a cause, what country would you travel to and what would you volunteer to do?
Perhaps the Philippines. I would love to help anyone who needs it....if not giving money, then helping to cook meals, doing fun events, or things like that.

3.) Your favorite thing you have ever got for free? explain why.

4.) What is one thing we do as a society that you find stupid and unnecessary?
Ostersizing women of a larger stature...and women of a larger stature shaming women of a smaller stature.

5.) What is your favorite non-U.S. TV show?
Sigh.....I could say Doctor Who....but I think I am going to  say Murdoch Mysteries instead ;D

6.) If you time travelled and met your self 1 year ago what would you tell yourself?

7.) Is there a song that has had a profound effect on your life as a whole?
hmm...maybe not for the lyricd, but Fireflies from Owl City. If it weren't for this song and my discovering it, I wouldn't of began this musical love affair.

8.) If u could travel into any anime world or cartoon world what would it be and why?
Hmm....maybe the world of Tinkerbell. Pixie Hallow. I've always wanted to be a fairy and it's actually a pretty diverse place.

9.) What TV/Movie series do you find yourself watching over and over again and never get sick of?
World's Dumbest

10.) What country would you most like to visit?
Italy....or France.

:iconkalopsiacreation:'s questions::
1. What inspired your most recent OC?
Awww man...I haven't made an oc in a long time >> but I was redesigning one of my oldest ones a few days ago. She was inspired by my love of mixed race couples.

2. Which would you rather find out is real; mermaids or unicorns?
Mermaids.... 8D

3. What is your typical method to get over art block?
4. favorite story to tell other people?
How I met my boyloser.

5. Do you have a collection/hobby you don't usually tell others about?
I like to collect and look at lighhouse stuff.

6. What color describes you best?
Purple sparkles.

7. Dream job?
Character designer maybe....or childern's book illustrator/wiriter.

8. What is the last song you downloaded/album you bought?
I downloaded Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan to my ohone library yesterday...just felt like hearing it.

9. How would you describe your style, and would you keep this style if you had unlimited funds and access to all the clothes in the world?
My style fluctuates. When I have to dress up I try to be more steamgoth, victorian goth, and lolita. When casual I try to go for mori kei.  I can do pretty well with the clothes I've collected from Goodwill, thriftstores and birthday gifts...but with unlimited funds I would buy sooo many lolita skirts, printed tights, platform shoes, victorian dresses, ruffle shirts, boots, ahhhhh man...

10. How is your day going?
Pretty good actually :3

I tag::
:iconlady-shroob: :iconchild-of-aros: :icontetsunokobushi: :icononiriri-chan: :iconprincefranzozuki-kun:
:iconlunabell: :iconiariaart: :icondevilaphoenix: :iconyuriihime: :iconinsanex3dinosar:

My questions for you poor souls::

--1. If you got turned into a fruit by a witch, what fruit, why that fruit, and what did you do to deserve the punishment?

--2. Would you date/marry a guy, girl, or other person who was your perfect match, but very overweight, with no intentions of losing?

--3. If you had to watch one movie over and over for a week, what would it be?

--4. You suddenly won 50 million dollars! Congrats!....but you have to give half of it away or else you will be killed. Who do you give it to, and why them?

--5. If you saw a lady hitting her son in public, would you day anything?

--6. If you were a Sim, what would be your top 5 personality traits?

--7. If you had to room in with a fictional character for a year, who would you HATE to have as a roommate?

--8. You have to wear only dresses and skirts from now own. Regardless of gender or preference. How do you feel about this?

--9. What's probably your weirdest trait?

--10. If you were hired as an assassin to kill a guy who stole and kidnapped, would you agree to do it?

  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: Alaska - Sky Sailing
  • Eating: an orange ouo


859 deviations
Zentangled Up  by SpicePrincess
Zentangled Up
One for the portfolio....well this is the latest one I've been working on to show the school u3u
Back in high school I did a page on watercolor paper of zentagles...basically patterns and designs inside of organic and random shapes with little to no color. I added some splashes on watercolorbhere and there and it was a nice piece. I wanted to do more zentangles but in a different way. I decided to incorporate the zentagles as hair but I didn't want the girl to be. I used Sumi ink, pencil, and chalk pastels ouo

I was heavily inspired by yantotzkie.
Sketchbook - Bienvenue Dans Ma Vie by SpicePrincess
Sketchbook - Bienvenue Dans Ma Vie
Another sketchbook doodle... this of me and my lover creature. He's literally 2.5 times my size xD I may or may not enjoy this fact >w>
I'll post the rest of my doodles and sketches on this page after I'm done with them. There's an Amethyst and a doodle of Quorra and some other stuff I was drawing earlier :3 This drawing I made a while ago, but I'm now adding to the page xD

This was based off of this song. Jae is learning French and listening to it always reminds me of him xD


SpicePrincess's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I've got a pocketful of poetry
I've got a head full of songs, a heart with wings.

இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ--------I believe in God, not religion by RenacidoStamp - Critique by Fullmetal-PhantomThey can be Artists too by DoctorMLoli-----ڿڰۣ-ڰۣஞீ

:iconemptyspaceplz: ~~ Freshman ~~ Art Academy of Cincinnati ~~

Don't be afraid to watch, follow and check me out on other sites!
Tumblr Bullet by Pastel-BunBun - derp-in-the-herplights.tumblr.… (main)
Tumblr Bullet by Pastel-BunBun - (crafts and sewing)
YouTube Bullet by Pastel-BunBun -
Gear II: small by Bellidonax -…
blaahy the bat by blaahy -…

I like 'em big; I like 'em giant peanutbutter.

"Despite my many flaws, despite my endless list of weaknesses, Christ is so much BIGGER than all of that… ...for it is painfully obvious that without Him, I am absolutely nothing. I deeply desire more than anything to make Him proud, that by my life or death, His name may be glorified. Sometimes the good fight feels impossible, but I for one, am NOT giving up. Jesus Will Come Again" ~ Adam Young



:bulletblack: Aries sun * Pisces moon (April 6th)
:bulletblack: Rotated around the sun 20 times.
:bulletblack: Mixed chick (about 12 different races actually).
:bulletblack: Curly girl
:bulletblack: Steamgoth and Neo-Victorian style
:bulletblack: ADHD - Tourette's - Dyslexia

Digital art-- 

:bulletpurple:Paint Tool SAI
:bulletpurple:Photoshop CS3
:bulletpurple:Autodesk Sketchbook
:bulletpurple:Adobe Flash
:bulletpurple:Wacom Bamboo Create

Traditional art--

:bulletpurple:Colored pencil
:bulletpurple:chalk pastels
:bulletpurple:Pigma pens/Faber-Castell pens/Sharpies
:bulletpurple:whatever else is lying around my house.

(that I may or may not draw art for)

:bulletgreen:Monster High
:bulletgreen:Owl City
:bulletgreen:Doctor Who
:bulletgreen: Steven Universe
:bulletgreen:Ever After High
:bulletgreen:My Little Pony
:bulletgreen:Steam Powered Giraffe
:bulletgreen: Assassin's Creed


Things I love--

:bulletpurple: Jesus
:bulletpurple: Victorian * Steampunk * Neo-Victorian
:bulletpurple: Fluffy guys ouo
:bulletpurple:  Electronic or really old swing and Owl City.
:bulletpurple: Instrumental, orchestral, classical or cinematic orchestral music. (Movie soundtracks, Gothic Storm, Two Steps from Hell, Brunuhvill, Audiomachine, ect).
:bulletpurple: Hot sauce
:bulletpurple: Oddities.
:bulletpurple: Venice, Italy
:bulletpurple: Food in general.
:bulletpurple: Cartoons.
:bulletpurple: Obscure animation student videos.
:bulletpurple: Constantly annoying other people :P
:bulletpurple: Thrift shopping.
:bulletpurple: Don Bluth, Disney and DreamDisne art styles.
:bulletpurple: Animes
:bulletpurple: Sweet people in general.

Things I don't like--

:bulletpurple: Cursing non-stop (or using the F word just casually in conversation).
:bulletpurple: Disrespect or being fake.
:bulletpurple: Waiting.
:bulletpurple: Feeling left out and/or jealous.
:bulletpurple: Being ignored.


❒Single ❒Taken ✔ Waiting for Adam Young

:iconfukari: :iconspirosart: :icontracyjb: :iconlpdisney: :iconbriankesinger: :iconwylielise: :iconmistytang: :iconzephyrhant: :iconmuirin007:
:iconmexopolis: :iconsankofarida: :iconblossom-of-faelivrin: :iconjoceydraws: :iconelisebrave: :iconkatikut:  :iconbriannacherrygarcia: :iconshoomlah: :icondaniellieske:
:iconantoniodeluca: :iconabigaillarson: :iconkmyechan: :icontaiyangguodu: :iconleonidafremov: :iconjessibeans: :iconalayna: :iconravietta: :icongdbee: :iconklauspillon:
MORE (randomly listed) SEMPAIS WHO NOTICE AND INSPIRE ME (and that I can rub myself against)

:iconlunabell: :iconsedonna: :iconquafmh: :iconwindkunoichiprincess: :icondrpsychokitty: :iconangelleelee13:  :iconkoneko-chan1267: :iconwhisperwings: :iconchild-of-aros: :iconwrongcog: :iconkalopsiacreation: :icongoblinbat: :iconsushi-soda: :iconninapedia: :iconpixiesera: :iconbonnieelizabeth: :iconcandy2021: :iconfvampd: :icononiriri-chan: :iconxxunreal1xx: :iconprincessabiliss: :iconiariaart: :iconchunk07x: :iconlady-shroob: :icontetsunokobushi: :icongreenteadeer: :iconaneurin-forrest: :iconenigmaapocalypse: :iconyuriihime: :icondearyem: :iconnoelmaghathephoto: :icontga-tsurugi: :iconsatiricalarts: :iconinsanex3dinosar:

Check THIS stuff out!!!

:iconsparklesplz: :iconhaloplz: :iconsparklesplz:
:iconfloatingheartplz: :iconadamyoungplz: :iconfloatingheartplz:

Do not hesitate to visit Owl City/Adam Young's twitter account, HERE! You will be laughing for days...


A digital fossil.. my first website!
Some pages are no longer standing but you can see my beginnings with pixel art.


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And yes I am always treating you like a fellow Christian, and I have also learned let others believe what they want. Even given apologies as honest good man, but no one will believe me... Like you would, and stabing me in the back... So why you people do this to me, even after apologizing to everyone?

I don't understand why, even you do as well... So please stop!!

I am no longer gonna do this fights about my savior, and my rights to teach children about Christ. And it's not fair while you guys seem to keep making me a bad joke as well, let me ask you this... Again...

Is it funny, while paying and breaking my lovely heart?

What else you people want, I gave you all my apologies again and again... And yet not a single "I forgive you comment"?!

And now I have learned my lesson... It was sure painful to accept, and look into my broken heart... And yet no one listens, not even you... Even when I was shattered again and again, I ask for prayers and forgiveness from you and the others...

And now to the point, Candy2021 who you would say that she's a lovely person... Well I came to understand her now and I forgive her properly, why you seem to let her talk about God in the bad way. And yet you seem to accept her more than anyone, including me... I told her I'm sorry, and even right now I'm still sorry to her that I mention God. As for the rest of my story, here it is and you will see why I am a "Bad man" you seem to blame me the most... princefranzozuki-kun.deviantar…

Then after reading it, I hope you'll apologize to me, and the conditions how I am living on... So I am being honest and very nice to you, so don't twist me, and/or stab me again... That's not how real Christian are, and yes I forgive others as well, and now I love them. Even if they disagree, I will show my good sided heart... And I promise that to Christ, and I know he'll forgive me, or punish me... Doesn't matter what, as I know I love him, like he does too...

You don't need to reply here, so reply your thoughts on the link I've sent you in this comment...

And I hope you'll understand my pain...
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Thank you so much! Sorry for such a late reply >3<
I'll make sure of that!
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