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Music Inspiration

Light Years - The Midnight ft Nikki Flores


Music always inspires my art. Here's a song I can't stop playing recently.

If you want to share any great song with me, or you just wanna talk music in general, please message! ;w;


Support me? ;u;

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Okay. I gotta get my butt back in gear. I've been slowly slipping for the past like year and a half and just becoming complacent and idk but it's gross and I hate it and I'm going to change that. Pray that I will keep it up. Because I'm tired of starting what I never finish too.
Lowkey angry that life just randomly made sense in one spot 😂😂
Honestly, through all and everything that happens year after year, I'm just glad Doctor Who is and will always be that one thing that is just ~mine~ and I don't associate it with anyone I don't want to think about. Doctor Who (9 and 10 at least) is my happy place and no one can touch that.
ALRIGHTY. Same fight, new challenger.
Let's do dis.
My computer screen is on the fritz so no digital art for a while :(

Dying your hair crazy/unnatural colors... yay or nay? 

12 deviants said Yay! I love to dye my hair all sorts of, blue, purple, silver... rainbow!
4 deviants said Nay. I dye my hair, but only natural colors... But I WANT to dye it crazy colors. I'm just not allowed/not emotionally ready/have specific reasons why I can't. (hopefully one day you can ;o; )
3 deviants said Yay...sort of! I wouldn't dye my real hair, but I love to wear colorful wigs!! (SAME BRUH SAME)
2 deviants said Yay..ish. I('d) like to have a streak or two of a "wild" color or tips, but I don't like the idea of dying my entire head some unnatural color(s).
1 deviant said Nay. I don't have any hair :0
1 deviant said Nay. I don't like the idea of dying hair or wearing wigs. I like what's on my head just the way it is.
No deviants said Nay. I dye my hair, but only natural colors... Personally, I don't get the attraction of having purple or blue or pink hair, but to each their own.


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I am an art student currently majoring in Illustration(BFA) and minoring in Art History. Don't ask what year because.. at this point I don't even want to say xD
I typically do digital painting, but also chalk pastels, colored pencil, watercolor, and graphite works. These days I mostly just use Sai for my work.
Most of my work is music or character based-- narrative to say the least. I see art as the utmost epitome of catharsis and escapism at it's finest.

:iconemptyspaceplz: ~~ Art Academy of Cincinnati ~~ Thomas More College ~~

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"Despite my many flaws, despite my endless list of weaknesses, Christ is so much BIGGER than all of that… ...for it is painfully obvious that without Him, I am absolutely nothing. I deeply desire more than anything to make Him proud, that by my life or death, His name may be glorified. Sometimes the good fight feels impossible, but I for one, am NOT giving up. Jesus Will Come Again" ~ Adam Young

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look at these dorks okay
( X)

he so cute
huh Look at that. I am alive haha
Geez I feel like I haven't properly interacted with another human being in months. OTL

So I haven't been on dA in a while simply because my laptop hasn't been acting right. The software is fine.. it's the hardware that's giving me issues. The charging port is acting screwy and I took it to Best Buy and Geek Squad shipped it out to Samsung to fix. They send it back cleaned (it looked brand new haha) and with a new hard drive which... is weird for a power issue. But it charged while at the store, so I took it home. And now... it's sort of back to it's old tricks (but not quite as bad). Will probably have to take it back to Geek Squad soon but mehh I'll enjoy it while I can haha

I absolutely HATE the Deviantart mobile app. I uploaded a few things with it recently (I think.. I can't remember xD) and it was just a nightmare. So I'm glad I can upload via the browser again now. I also partly stopped uploading stuff of quality because I lost my tablet pen in January) and never found it. My boyfriend let me have an old Huion tablet he had and that's what I'm using now til I can get something better eventually. It's a little glitchy and it's certainly older, but it works!

Man I'm so mad though... me and that Wacom Bamboo Create were ride or die haha I've had that thing for about 4 years now and it was still going strong. Not one single time in the 4 years I've had it have I ever, EVER lost that pen. I carried it to and from school at the Art Academy and at the school I'm currently at. Every week, every day. It was always with me and I had never, ever lost it. The one time I lose it, it's like it slipped into the grey void of uncreated matter and atoms xD If I ever find that pen again, I will be SET. But for now, the Huion is doing me well ^_^ 

Anyway, I can at least get back to digital art. I know that creating digital art isn't the definition of me as an artist, but not being able to create digital work or color digitally really felt like a part of me was gone. As weird and strange as it sounds, it was like some small, artistic part of me had checked out and it actually got me kind of discombobulated (artistically and a little bit in a general sense hah). I have just been feeling so... not myself for a while but I'm slowly getting back to some form of homeostasis haha

Finally learning to actually drive and get my license and also trying to get an actual job. I want to take a break from school and just try working for a while. See what it feels like to make money and not have homework xD 
I want to also get back into customizing dolls. I have a bunch of supplies here and I haven't been using them, so I want to get back to it. I've got like 5 doll bodies (some Monster High, some Barbie) just ripe for the pickens and asking for a makeover haha 

Ummm yeah that's about it. Just trying to get back into whatever sort of groove I had going haha 
Oh! I am also finally getting my bedroom together this summer (had to wait on my dad) and we are going to be taking out the floor, putting in new carpet, taking down the walls and putting up new drywall, and getting me all new furniture and everything. It will be nice to finally have a bed again OTL I've been sleeping on the couch for literally 3 years now heh. The livingroom has sort of become my surrogate room until I can finally have my real room back. Plus, my older sister is moving out (again, and probably for the last time :'c) but that means I will have a craft room again! so that will take care of a lot of the clutter and I can finally have my room the way I want it really. Once I get that room together then I want to start youtubing again. I'll have a presentable space to do it in which is all I really needed haha. 

so yeah. With that... I leave you all with a beautiful song uwu

  • Listening to: Under the Glacier - ginkiha * u *


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