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Development Meme 2007 - 2016 by SpicePrincess Development Meme 2007 - 2016 by SpicePrincess I had this half done on my computer since last December and was gonna upload it upon the new year 2017...but that never happened xD Still better to finish late than never u3u 

I was sort of feeling stagnant in my work so I wanted to go through and look at my art from the start and I really do see the improvement. 

All work from 2012 and before is stuff I have just stored away on dA and not visible... I wanted to choose art that I made and became ashamed of because I realized it looked bad, or art I just archived because I made an updated piece, or things I just didn't like. I didn't want to delete them fully... just tuck them away privately xD

I don't really have much to say here...most of the info is already written on the thing. I will say that Meet the Robinsons is what lead me to Deviantart in the first place though. If it weren't for me searching fan art of that movie and finding dA uploads on google, I wouldn't be here xDD  This coming June, I will have been on dA for 10 years which is pretty mindblowing to me.

I had fun putting this together though ;u; I used SAI so I ended up sort of rearranging the meme itself u3u Also there's a ton of typos but Im too lazy to fix them... everything is still readable at least xD 

Blank - 
Development Meme PSD + PNG by Gasara
Fulgurias Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Its been wonderful seeing your progress through the years. I've often felt like my life has stood still or even moved backwards since the car wreck in 2008. Gives me hope for the future seeing people like you grow and improve themselves over time :).
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